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Parfum d'ambiance pour hotel



Of these five senses, smell plays a fundamental role 



Although it is not the first sense we think of when creating the ambience of a hotel, it is probably the one that has the greatest impact. The sense of smell is closely linked to the areas of the brain involved in emotions and memory.



So, long before vision, touch, hearing or taste, the olfactory signal will be the first to be perceived by the customer, even before they are aware of it.



Imagine the effect of a unique, distinctive scent, the signature fragrance of your hotel. A personalised scent diffused in the lobby and common areas, applied to cosmetic products in the room, a mist for the bed and even sold in the boutique in the form of a candle.



As you can see, when it comes to improving the guest experience in a hotel, nothing should be left to chance, because all the senses are constantly on the alert. Coordination and coherence are essential so that each sense adds to the others without annihilating them. An olfactory ambience provides an original and distinctive sensory dimension, a veritable Madeleine de Proust.

Chambre d'hotel
Create your own scented products

First step: The marketing department, brand manager or any other person who best represents the customer experience of your establishment should set out the storytelling, DNA and values of the hotel from the outset. This will make it possible to clearly define the moments you want to offer guests and in which areas of the hotel. This stage is essential to ensure the overall coherence of your approach. Each moment will then be broken down into emotions.


Sense after sense

Once you've identified the emotions you want to create, you can work on your olfactory signature. If necessary, your project manager can call on Histoire de Provence's experts, who will be able to guide you in making the most appropriate choice, either from among the perfumes in our catalogue or by creating a unique fragrance that represents you.

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Produits pour chambre d'hotel

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