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Figues coupées en deux



Fig cut in two parts


The fruit of theGods

In a sun-drenched Mediterranean garden stands majestically a century-old fig tree. Its dense foliage, of a deep green, generously shades the cobblestone courtyard, offering a peaceful refuge to visitors seeking coolness under the benevolent embrace of the summer sun.


At the heart of this verdant haven, figs ripen slowly, taking on hues of violet and brown under the attentive gaze of the sun. Their sweet fragrances perfume the air, attracting bees and butterflies that joyfully flutter around the majestic tree.

The leaves of the fig tree, broad and leathery, rustle gently in the summer breeze, whispering ancient tales and forgotten secrets. Their silhouettes against the azure sky draw poetic arabesques, evoking the marvelous tales of a present time.

As autumn approaches, when the days shorten and the air grows cooler, comes the long-awaited moment of the harvest. Figs, filled with sweetness and promise, delicately detach from their branches, offering their juicy treasures to the skilled hands of the pickers.


In the tranquility of the courtyard, one hears the soft murmur of conversations as freshly picked figs are placed in large woven baskets, ready to be enjoyed or transformed into sweet delights.


And sometimes, in the heart of the night, as the world peacefully sleeps, the intoxicating perfume of figs blends with that of aromatic herbs, scenting the dreams of sleepers with a sweet and enchanting fragrance. Meanwhile, in the workshop under the shade of the fig tree, meticulous distillers labor, transforming the leaves and wood into a rare and precious essential oil. The subtle scent of the fig tree then diffuses into the air, enveloping the surroundings with a mystical and captivating aura, bearing witness to the timeless magic of this venerable tree.

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